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W E L C O M E   T O   T H E   R I T U A L .

Swift is an online competitive game based around the Capture the Flag game mode. You'll fight using your blade, but be careful : There's no life points. If you're hit, you're instantly eliminated, and will respawn after a few seconds.

Thus, movement is your main weapon : You must run, climb, dodge, and always be one step ahead of your enemies.

Your goal : Reach the enemy team's Altar, on the other side of the map. There lies the Orb, a powerful artefact. Capture it and bring it back to your own Altar to score a Point (try not to die while bearing it). If your team reaches 5 points, you win. That's it.


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ZQSD : Move around

Space : Jump / Double-Jump

Space (hold against wall) : Climb

Left-Click : Attack

Right-Click / Left Shift : Dodge

Middle Click : Ping


Enter : Text Chat

C : Communication Wheel

F : Spray Wheel 

G : Emote Wheel 

Esc : Options


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SwiftLauncher.exe 5.3 MB

Install instructions

Download our launcher down there ! 

- Launch the .exe, it'll create a folder next to it with the game's files 

- Once launched, you can enter your username on the Main Menu

- You're good to go ! You can seek playmates on our community Discord !